Website guide

How to play the game


  1. Visit and click on get started.


  1. Create an account.


  1. Login to the website


  1. Click on play now


  1. Download the game


  1. Start the game, login with the same credentials you used on the website


  1. View your progress on the website under user menu / portfolio.


How to become a joblab spot:


  1. Visit , download and fill out the Application form you find in the section called “join the community”.

  2. Send the filled form by email to the Job Lab national coordinator chosen.

  3. Once you become a joblab spot, your user menu has an extra option: My players


  1. Under my players, you will see all the players related to your joblab spot. You can view their profile and give them connection badges.



  1. Click on a player’s row and give them the connection badge. The badge will appear on their portfolio once you give them the badge.



  1. The player will receive a notification by email once sent the badge.