Description of the project


The economic crisis has led to an increase in the gap between labour supply and demand.

The gap is even more significant for NEETs and vulnerable youth because of

  • the inefficiency of ALMPs;
  • the low capacity of Public Employment Centers and Vocational Training to intercept young people at risk and to give a concrete response to their needs;
  • the low effectiveness of e-guidance services and youth centres to promote young people skills;
  • the lack of synergy between public and private actors and of an integrated strategy to facilitate the transition of young people into the labour market;
  • the little knowledge of young people about services provided by Public Employment Centers;
  • the lack of involvement of young people during their orientation, training and job placement.

Overall Objective: To foster inclusive education, training and youth employability in Europe through an enhanced access to training, and to more efficient and integrated  guidance, public and private employment services particularly by disadvantaged youth.

Specific Objective: To strengthen the awareness of, and access to more integrated and effective active employment by young job-seekers and disadvantaged learners aged 18-29 in Europe.


Operational Objectives:

1. To develop learner-centered game-based e-solutions to raise youth awareness on ALMPs measures, on policies undertaken, and attract in particular NEETs and vulnerable youth.

2. To increase cooperation between VET, employment and guidance in education, building staff capacities to deliver skills assessment, counseling, and qualification through “tailored services”.

3. To mainstream in formal and non-formal settings (VET, education, youth work, public-private JPOs) e-services guidance, moving from EU-funded best practices, integrating them into the JOB Labyrinth game and Community of Practices to enable beneficiaries’ skills as active job seekers.

4. To develop and disseminate tools, guidelines, blended paths to build the capacities of EU actors on how to use e-tools and enable clients to access services and information.



In order to achieve these objectives, the Job Labyrinth project will develop, using gamification methodologies, an interactive game with which the user will be able to create his own avatar and begin a path to acquire skills and information about the local labour market and the bodies providing services to meet his working needs (public/private employment services, CNOS-FAP JSOs, youth centers…). In addition, through the game the beneficiary will receive support to write a successful CV and create his personal profile. Also a network among public and private employment centers, VET, youth centers will be created in order to reach more young people, especially the most disadvantaged ones. 

Beneficiaries and groups targeted:

  • About 1290 young learners and job seekers targeted in different settings, such as youth centres (YCs), schools (EDU) and training centres (VET), private employment agencies and PES (PPES) in the 4Countries
  • About 664 trainers, educators, youth workers, operators and staff providing guidance, job counseling and employment oriented services for youth in the four countries targeted in private and public settings
  • At least 45 enterprises and employers' associations, employment agencies and local and regional public offices and services who will sign an agreement, MoU or join the Community of Practices
  • At least 250 key actors targeted through the 3 multiplier events in Slovakia, Spain and Italy