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JOB LAB Community of Practice

What is the JOB LAB Community of Practice for and what it is about

JOB LAB Community of Practice aims to call up public and private providers to integrate their enhanced services for guidance, counseling and job insertion, particularly addressed to vulnerable youth, by sharing a repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems

 - JOB LABYRINTH will endorse a Community of practices model to build strong public-private networking and facilitate the integration of PPES (Public-private employment services) and ALMPs (Active Labour Market Policies).  Thorough networking building processes among private and public stakeholders active in the field of ALMPs and employment services, enterprises and employers associations,  members will work together in a community of practices to improve quality, effectiveness,  efficiency and relevance of their services, providing quality based employment opportunities to youth.

Why to join the JOB LAB Community of Practice:

By Joining the JOB LAB Community of Practice, you/your organization will be able to be part of a wide European network of organizations and experts working for public, private employment services and of educational providers. Members of JOB LAB Community of Practice will have access to material and life-contributions from real users. You can use it to assess needs, balance competences and tailor provisions to address vulnerable youth towards quality based VET and employment opportunities.

In particular, by Joining the JOB-LAB Community of Practice, each member can:

- have access and receive, support to use  e-tools, innovative game-based services, good practices and pedagogical materials to be replicated in his/her own learning environment  and dealing with guidance, counseling and job insertion, particularly addressed to vulnerable youth

- have access to training materials produced by the JL core partners in order to build the capacities of experts, staff and providers to deliver quality based guidance, counseling and job insertion provisions and to activate vulnerable groups of youth toward their vocational integration.

- Test the JOB LAB Game  and  approaches endorsed  to attract fragile and vulnerable target groups, to raise their awareness and stimulate their active engagement  toward quality job

- Become part of the JOB LAB networks, have access to news, updates and network building opportunities at national and European levels to spread knowledge, tools and practices.

- Apply to become "JOB LAB spot" , then be the focal point of the JOB LAB Game in your City/Region for the young players/beneficiaries who will look for a public private employment service.


How to join the JOB LAB Community of Practice

Job Lab Community of Practices is led by national JL core partners who coordinate at national level the activities of the network in Italy, Spain, Hungary and Slovakia. In order to join the Community, you only have to select your national coordinator, download the Application form

fill it in and send it by e-mail; at the end of the application process the national JL coordinator will provide you with a full account and info to join the Community.




What is a JOB LAB Spot and why apply for

a JOB lab Spot is the focal point for the JL Game for a City/Region where potential JL players/beneficiaries would address in order to reach the goals of the different levels of the game and which are responsible of providing vocational guidance and orientation to them.  

By gaining the JOB LAB Spot status you'll be able to:

- Use the JL Logo and be named JL Spot

- Attract new potential beneficiaries/players who will select your organization as their focal point

- Have access to their portfolio and professional profiles

- Have your logo and organizational profile listed in the network of JOB LAB Spot and your geographical position embedded and visible in the Job Lab map  uploaded on the website;

- Be visible towards national and EU wide employment network and agencies;

- Get in contact with other Job Lab spots, professionals and stakeholders active in the labour market and create new opportunities.

- Organize and be actively involved into national and European events organized within the JOB LABYRINTH framework.



How to apply to become a JOB LAB Spot

in order to become JOB LAB Spot and to use the JOB LAB Logo, your organization have to submit the Application form to a JL national coordinator and sign a MoU  (Memorandum of Understanding) where you accept and subscribe duties, obligations and rights linked to this status and declare to comply with minimum quality standards and requirements:


Minimum requirements:

-  To have an official legal status and be registered as organization/body entitled by national/regional public authorities (official authorization/accreditation needed) to provide orientation and vocational guidance.

-  To have joined and be part of the JOB LAB Community of Practice


- To host a Job Lab Corner clearly displaying the JL logo, fitted with at least a PC/laptop with available internet connection, available to offer free of charge vocational guidance, orientation and employment oriented opportunities for players addressing them (information on working hours, contacts and focal points must be clearly provided and visible).

- To be the reference point of players addressing them through the game, guiding and orientating them to achieve the goals of the different levels of the JOB LAB Game and to build up their own professional career.

- To sign, fully accept and comply with the provisions detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding


Quality standards:

- Have at least 1 Job Service counsellor/teacher/professional trained through the Job Labyrinth training of trainers or dissemination events organized by the JL national coordinators;

- Have to deliver guidance services using at least 1 of the e-Tools selected and described in the IO1 Repository of the JOB LABYRINTH Project

-  To reach at least 30 young people enrolled in Job Lab per year and submit an annual report to the JL National Coordinator on the activities undertaken and results achieved

- To contribute to spread awareness on the JOB LABYRINTH Community of Practice, to increase the exchange knowledge,  practice and common understanding among the members

- To fully cooperate with the JL National Coordinator periodical review of the compliance with quality standards and decision on the maintenance of the JOB LAB Spot status.