The CNOS-FAP Federation, National Centre of Salesian Institutions - Vocational Training and Updating, is an Italian association which is Applicant Organisation of the Job Labyrinth Project.

It coordinates the Italian Salesian VET centres who provide a public service in vocational guidance, initial, higher and continuous vocational education and training, following the educational methodology of St. John Bosco.  It is a non-profit organization, representing in Italy the Salesians’ commitment towards the delivering of VET services and programs, particularly addressed to marginalized youth.



Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi is a Spanish non-profit organisation whose mission is the comprehensive education, especially of children, teenagers and youngsters at risk of social exclusion, as a tool for the individual’s personal development and social and labour integration. Pinardi was founded in 2001, representing the Salesians’ commitment with vulnerable youth in Madrid. http://www.pinardi.com


The DGSSIS-CM is in charge of the design, development, planning, management, performance and evaluation of the social policies that belong to the competences of the Community of Madrid, as the guidelines of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies at the Community of Madrid establish. All initiatives have the final objective of achieving better integration of the socially disadvantaged persons, alone or with their families. Important point is the integrated attention offered to vulnerable families of migrant origin with special focus on their rights protection, social and labour inclusion.



SZÁMALK Szalézi Szakközépiskola is an Hungarian Post-Secondary Vocational school providing training programmes in ICTs, media, arts, economics, tourism and public transport (flight attendant courses).



RISORSE snc is an Italian consultancy and training company founded in 2004. The consultants team has delivered several projects and provided training and coaching for employment centers and training and professional guidance centers throughout Italy. Risorse is the Italian distributor of PerformanSe web based behavioural assessment tools.



NOVITER SRL is an Italian company aimed at carrying out studies and research in the field of education, training and labour market. Noviter also works to develop strategic projects and to provide operational assistance and technical support to public and private institutions at national, regional and local level.




BKS Uspech is a Slovakian company working in the field of training and HR development for managers and commercial representatives: it has experience in recruitment, research and selection of potential candidates, as well as in internal and external mobility (outplacement). BKS Uspech also offers organizational counselling: consulting services in organizational and lean management.



iTStudy - Educational and Research Centre for Information and Technology is an Hungarian Institute providing vocational and adult education in ICTs. It is also accredited ECDL Exam Centre, provider of spectacular online learning materials, web-based e-learning solutions, knowledge sharing and collaboration portals.