Project Outputs

Project Outputs

The project involves the realisation of seven outputs, each of them is coordinated by a leader who, in cooperation with the other partners, contributes to achieve the project objectives.


O1 - Analysis and selection of existing good practices and attractive ICT and game based e-tools to stimulate active employment.

Output Description: The comparative analysis should gather all best practices, methodological approach and tools successfully implemented in Europe. The outcome produced will enable partners to build up the backbone framework of the Job Labyrinth Game.

Activity Leading Organisation: Risorse s.n.c.



O2 - Repository/database on youth active employment and ALMPs, services, actors and initiatives undertaken in the partner countries.

Output Description: The repository will constitute an integrated portfolio of information, services and guidelines to be further included into the Job Labyrinth Game, able to stimulate young people active employment skills and motivations and offering them an integrated overview of VET/educational/employment oriented services.

Activity Leading Organisation: Noviter s.r.l.



O3 - Capacity building modules

Output Description: The output will be a set of learning modules, available in 5 languages and easily downloadable from the platform, specifically addressed to train teachers and trainers involved in VET/school and youth learning environments institutions on best practices, methodologies and approaches.

Activity Leading Organisation: BKS Uspech


O4 - JOB LAB technological framework

Output Description: This output relates with the development of technological framework needed to embed the web-based guidance tools selected in O1, database of O2, and with the design and alpha testing of the game-based tool which will be further developed, tested and integrated in O5.

Activity Leading Organisation: iTStudy Hungary


O5 - JOB LAB Community of practices

Output Description: The Community of Practices will be the main means of the project, built up through a thorough network building process to call up public and private providers and to integrate their enhanced and improved services for guidance, counselling and job placement, particularly addressed to vulnerable youth.

Activity Leading Organisation: Federazione CNOS-FAP


O6 - E-toolkit of user friendly Job Labyrinth packages

Output Description: The final toolkit will be aimed at offering practitioner, staff and operators of the whole range of centres and bodies who can be part of the Job Labyrinth network, an easy to use guide and a tailored package of tested e-guidance and awareness raising game based tools to address vulnerable youth, to guide them towards VET and educational paths or to facilitate their transition to the labour market. A customized version of the toolkit will be developed to be suitable for dissemination to EU databases and networks identified, to be fully exploitable via smartphones and tablets and to facilitate their dissemination through social learning.

Activity Leading Organisation: Risorse s.n.c.


O7 - Impact assessment and final recommendations

Output Description: Final recommendations will be mostly addressed to key policy actors, EU, regional and national bodies and networks identified in the dissemination plan, in order to raise their awareness on the relevance and impact of the proposed integrated approach to ALMPs, and on the effectiveness of the tools and other outputs produced as a means to intercept vulnerable youth and to foster their social inclusion and active employment.

Activity Leading Organisation: Noviter s.r.l.

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